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Pan’s Labyrinth January 28, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Movies.

Checked out Pan’s Labyrinth with Karen yesterday, and I thought it was pretty good. Not sure if it lived up to the hype, but to tell the truth, don’t think many movies do.  The story was original, and the acting was great all around. Visually stunning, and it has a no-holds barred violent portrayal of Spain after World War II which never really feels over the t0p and almost seems necessary. Guillermo del Toro is a very good director and is great at telling stories through film, as he does in this movie.  With all the popcorn, fantasy movies that have been coming out lately, it was nice to see something that had a nice blend of make-believe, and the hardcore truth of our world. I would definitely recommend people to see it, subtitles and all (you wouldn’t believe how many people wont see subtitled movies, no matter how good they are, although the Spanish-speaking faun kept throwing me off a bit. Dont know what I expected, but just seemed weird to me).


My Apple Prediction January 27, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in The Tech Edge.
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Every couple gaming-console generations, some die off, and new ones join the fray. Only one has really stood the test of time, and that being Nintendo, and it looks as if Sony and Microsoft will be around for awhile themselves (Barring the PS3 bounces back, which I think it will). Its not cheap either to make these machines. Sony is taking a $400 hit each time a PS3 is sold, even though it costs $600 to buy one. In fact, each company loses money every time a console is sold. But they make it back when games and peripherals are sold. My point is that it takes some serious coin to start one from the ground up, like Sony did the the Playstation, and Microsoft with the Xbox.

So would it really surprise any one if Apple got into the console game? Apple has been at the forefront of making the most user-friendly technology in the past decade. With the IMac, IPod and now the Iphone, and Apple TV coming out, Apple is in full swing and competing at every level. And you cant tell me Steve Jobs doesn’t get his jollies when he is able to out-shine his arch-nemesis, Bill Gates.

I have no idea if anything of this sort is in development or not, but the way Apple is nowadays, wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new gaming rig within the next five years. And knowing Apple, it would be sleek, polished, and would blow minds (in the vein of a Wii, in my opinion). Just a thought though. Who knows.

Wiii!!!! January 26, 2007

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Finally got the Wii after running all over God’s green earth to get it. I was a little worried that I might have over-hyped it and it wasn’t going to be as fun as I thought. Fortunately, I was wrong.  I am addicted to making Miis,  and currently playing WarioWare whenever Karen is over, and playing Zelda when she is not. Both are great games. Even though the graphics dont even come close to the 360 and PS3, their has to be something said for originality and just plain fun. The Wii is good stuff.

Your putting that where, Doc? January 25, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Donating Kidney.
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I plan on donating my kidney to my brother-in-law, Shaun. He is a great guy, and I am in very good health, so why not.  I plan on posting a blog about the journey to this point at another time, so Ill sum up real quick what is going on : Baylor Hospital needed me to be checked out by another urologist to find out why I have a minut amount of blood in my urine.  So I go see my local pee doctor, and he detects a very small amount of blood, but he says that is normal with alot of people but he wants to make sure there is nothing wrong with my blatter. We already did an MRI in Dallas, but there is only so much an xray can pick up. Dr. Beard procedes to tell me there is only one way to really check a blatter, which is a cystoscopy.

Ingredients for a cystoscopy:

1. a very cold spray of some sort

2. a clamp

3. a long, pastic-like tube

4. a syringe jammed pack with some kind of numbing goo

5. a very small camera (and the size of the camera doesnt matter, assholes)

6. a scared penis trying to remember how cold it was outside so he could just disappear.

So a female nurse sprays my bits with a very cold numbing spray, just so she can jam a (shiver…) syringe into my johnson and shoot it up with a numbing goo (reminded me of aloe vera, the clear kind). I sit there for about 15 minutes letting that set, so I am good and scared by now. Doc comes in, picks up tube, and starts small talking me, like Im gonna forget that I am about to get the plastic tube shoved into my penis hole. Then comes camera, and he starts poking around. Good news I have a clean bill of health, which is real nice as far as  the kidney donation goes, but we will have to wait and find out more about that later. Once everything was done, I took a deep breath and thanked all the Gods that it was done, but I jumped the gun a bit. All of sudden, without my knowledge…bam!!!…rectal exam. I tell you what, there is very few things as humbling as having those two things done to you within the span of 20 minutes. When it was all said and done, and you are just standing there in your hospital nightie, with wierd dick and ass goo creaping out of you, its hard to regain a sense of self. You are a shell of a man. Now, I didnt mind doing it because it was for a good cause and its nice to now that I am in good health in that region, but……damn…….

Nothin’ but Love January 22, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

Poor Saints.  One bad game brings their dream season to a halt.  The Saints played poorly, with some decisive flags and way too many turnovers,  and the Bears played pretty damn well, especially since they only had one penalty and no turnovers. That pretty much sums up that game.

While watching those final, agonizing minutes, and they were panning the Saints sideline, I felt so sad.  But not sad in the sense of poor me, the fan who didnt get to see his team make it to the Super Bowl for the first time. I felt sad for the Saints themselves. Never, and I mean never, has a team played so hard for their city like the Saints did this year. True, its a talented team, but they played team-ball, and they always left everything on the field.  They just looked for dejected on the sidelines, and I am sure losing in the NFC championship is some kind of painful. But I hope in the next couple of days they realize just how special they were and what they have accomplished on and off the field.

Ive loved them in the worst of times (which is about 90% of their franchise history),  but this year was definitely something special as a Saints fan. It was fun, exciting, and gave us all hope for a bright future for our ball club.

Keep up the good work, guys, and thanks for the incredible year. Looking forward to another good one next year.

Almost too much…but I love you, Saints January 16, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

As a die-hard Saints fan, you get accustomed to losing seasons. It was just our thing, for some reason, we as fans have coped with it for 40 years. Sure, we had our good moments, like our first division title in the early 90’s and the one, lone playoff win against St. Louis in Jim Haslett’s first year. But other than that, the Saints have a storied history of dog-shit.

Watching the Eagles-Saints game this past Saturday was one the most intense, stressful, but none-the-less most exciting times I have ever endured. When Reggie Bush fumbled with a little over 2minutes left, I nearly couldn’t breathe. Seemed like the perfect setting for a Sportscenter spot where the heralded rookie blows it for the underdogs. But that wasnt the case. The Saints D stepped up, contained on the first three plays, false start on 4th down by Philly, and for some ridiculous reason, Andy Reid punted with 1:56 left in the game. Why he did it, dont know, but he will be getting a Fruit cake from me next Christmas. Duece gets another 1st down on the ground, giving him a total 143 yards on the ground, with 20 receiving, and 2 touchs. We kneel, we win, and now we meet Chicago next Sunday at 3pm.

Im loving every moment of this season, but cheese and crackers, it is fucking intense. Its hard not to think that we are one game away from the Big Dance. Da Bears will be tough to beat, especially at home, but I think we can take them. Should be a good game, and no matter what, the Saints made it to the NFC championship game this year, and that in its own right, is mighty impressive.

Love ya boys, and see ya Sunday, high blood-pressure and all

Game time January 9, 2007

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Saints are scheduled to play the Eagles this weekend, Saturday at 8pm. Remember when the Eagles were the hot team at the beginning of the season? Remember who ended that little streak of theirs? The Saints. Guess who is the hot team all over again: Eagles. Guess who is gonna stop them again: the Saints. Not worried about Garcia, its going to be Westbrook who gives us problems. Good news is that Lito Shepard is out for the game, which will help our already stellar WR corps. Horn, Colston, Bush, Henderson (if he doesnt drop the ball): it could be sick.

Still no Wii January 9, 2007

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Its driving me crazy waiting for a Wii to come into Target. I hear nothing but good things about it, and to torture myself, I am always reading about it, and how awesome it is. Jeesum peets, cant wait to play it. I go to Target everyday like some creepy stalker: walk to the back, look, then leave. It pains me each time. Prolly shit my pants when I actually see it.

But I cant wait to get a 360 also. Played Gears of War this weekend with George, and that game is ridiculous. So fun, so violent, so pretty. Lost Planet just came out, and it looks real fun also, even though I usually dont like 3rd person games.

A Great Horror Movie January 6, 2007

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I think nowadays, horror movies are trying to be too edgy, mainly in the vein of “Se7en”, with over-the-top gore, and attempting to be more nauseous than anything. But when you do catch a good scary movie, there are very few feelings like it.

Which brings me to “The Descent.” This movie does it all with its intensity, backdrop, story, and a hint of gore (ok, maybe a smidge more than a hint.) I couldnt imagine being trapped in a cave system that very few, hmm, humans have been through, while being chased by “crawlers” that cant see, but use their sense of hearing to find its prey. Did I mention that they are incredibly fast. Its fast-paced, with plenty of moments that make you wish you had a fresh pair. I havent enjoyed a good horror like this since the remake of “Dawn of the Dead.”

Already thinking NFL Draft 07 January 4, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

Playoffs havent even started, and its hard not to think about the upcoming draft in April. My friend is a Raider’s fan, and he is already started talking about what QB they should draft. Its obvious the Silver and Black need help on offense, since their D wasnt too shabby this year. And when you have the number one pick, it is understood that you take an offensive weapon, not a linemen. And since they pretty much wasted a pick on Gallery 2 years ago, I would be surprised if they took another linemen in the first round any time soon. The talk now is Brady Quinn, but since he didnt put on the best show against LSU, he stock probably took a hit. And now everybody is Jemarcus Russell, LSU’s junior QB. But a bit earlier to jump on his bandwagon, I think.

I personally believe they should take a RB, and try and pick up Jake Plummer in the off season. With their Defense a tinge on the older side, they need to make some moves quick if they want to have a chance in the next couple of years. I think they should shoot for Adrian Peterson if he comes out early. More than likely Plummer is going to try for a team where he can start, and their aint no better place than Oakland.