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Already thinking NFL Draft 07 January 4, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

Playoffs havent even started, and its hard not to think about the upcoming draft in April. My friend is a Raider’s fan, and he is already started talking about what QB they should draft. Its obvious the Silver and Black need help on offense, since their D wasnt too shabby this year. And when you have the number one pick, it is understood that you take an offensive weapon, not a linemen. And since they pretty much wasted a pick on Gallery 2 years ago, I would be surprised if they took another linemen in the first round any time soon. The talk now is Brady Quinn, but since he didnt put on the best show against LSU, he stock probably took a hit. And now everybody is Jemarcus Russell, LSU’s junior QB. But a bit earlier to jump on his bandwagon, I think.

I personally believe they should take a RB, and try and pick up Jake Plummer in the off season. With their Defense a tinge on the older side, they need to make some moves quick if they want to have a chance in the next couple of years. I think they should shoot for Adrian Peterson if he comes out early. More than likely Plummer is going to try for a team where he can start, and their aint no better place than Oakland.



1. curiusgIII - January 4, 2007

That is Oakland’s MO, pick up a veteran QB that has had moderate success but it hasn’t gotten them anywhere for the past quarter century.

There are only a handful of special RBs in the NFL, outside of that they’re a dime a dozen. I don’t know if Russell is the guy that they should take, just like I was unsure of Young after his heroics in the Rose Bowl last year.

Plummer is a good QB but as a Raider fan who has seen the Raiders go through the same door year after year with Brooks, Collins, Gannon, George, Hostetler, Evans and Schrader it hurts.

I want a guy that can throw 40 yards sitting on his ass!!!

2. jaxxduece - January 4, 2007

If this was last year, I would have to agree on taking a QB, since last years draft class was jimmy-jam packed with quality qbs. This year is a bit different though. Brady Quinn is no Lienart and Russell is no Young. Seems like the draft classes alternate years with QBs, where either there is a plethora or just slim-pickin’s.

It will interesting to see who starts to climb up “analysts” draft board’s (your a stinky drunk, Sean).

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