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Nothin’ but Love January 22, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

Poor Saints.  One bad game brings their dream season to a halt.  The Saints played poorly, with some decisive flags and way too many turnovers,  and the Bears played pretty damn well, especially since they only had one penalty and no turnovers. That pretty much sums up that game.

While watching those final, agonizing minutes, and they were panning the Saints sideline, I felt so sad.  But not sad in the sense of poor me, the fan who didnt get to see his team make it to the Super Bowl for the first time. I felt sad for the Saints themselves. Never, and I mean never, has a team played so hard for their city like the Saints did this year. True, its a talented team, but they played team-ball, and they always left everything on the field.  They just looked for dejected on the sidelines, and I am sure losing in the NFC championship is some kind of painful. But I hope in the next couple of days they realize just how special they were and what they have accomplished on and off the field.

Ive loved them in the worst of times (which is about 90% of their franchise history),  but this year was definitely something special as a Saints fan. It was fun, exciting, and gave us all hope for a bright future for our ball club.

Keep up the good work, guys, and thanks for the incredible year. Looking forward to another good one next year.



1. curiousgIII - January 25, 2007

it was nice for one of our teams go deep. the last two years have brought a small amount of disinterest toward the end.

2. jaxxduece - January 25, 2007

very true. It was good time. It will be the ultimate when both of our teams have good squads.

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