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My Apple Prediction January 27, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in The Tech Edge.

Every couple gaming-console generations, some die off, and new ones join the fray. Only one has really stood the test of time, and that being Nintendo, and it looks as if Sony and Microsoft will be around for awhile themselves (Barring the PS3 bounces back, which I think it will). Its not cheap either to make these machines. Sony is taking a $400 hit each time a PS3 is sold, even though it costs $600 to buy one. In fact, each company loses money every time a console is sold. But they make it back when games and peripherals are sold. My point is that it takes some serious coin to start one from the ground up, like Sony did the the Playstation, and Microsoft with the Xbox.

So would it really surprise any one if Apple got into the console game? Apple has been at the forefront of making the most user-friendly technology in the past decade. With the IMac, IPod and now the Iphone, and Apple TV coming out, Apple is in full swing and competing at every level. And you cant tell me Steve Jobs doesn’t get his jollies when he is able to out-shine his arch-nemesis, Bill Gates.

I have no idea if anything of this sort is in development or not, but the way Apple is nowadays, wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a new gaming rig within the next five years. And knowing Apple, it would be sleek, polished, and would blow minds (in the vein of a Wii, in my opinion). Just a thought though. Who knows.



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