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Kudos to Colts February 5, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.

It was nice to see the Colts win for a variety of reasons. The most obvious being Payton, who needed a ring to secure his legacy (according to Marino and Esiason, which I found interesting, seeing how they could never win the big one). Payton comes across as a stand-up guy, who has the mad skills at his position. He is a great team leader, and probably the best PR player of our time. I was very happy for Tony Dungy to win it, even though I would have been happy for Lovie Smith also. They are both class acts in a sport that is brimming with criminals and shit-talkers. They both keep their teams in line (one exception being Tank Johnson, who is just a nuisance no matter what). The Colts winning also gives hope to other teams that have great offenses and weak D’s. Example, my beloved Saints. Everybody says defense wins championships, but the Colts did it with the worst run D in the league, without re-injured Nick Harper, and with Dwight Freeney being a non-factor (he was lined up against a second stringer most of game, and his stat line read 0 tackles, 0 sacks).

I do feel bad for Rex Grossman, who seems like a nice guy, but it is as the Bears got a taste of their own medicine with the Colts getting 5 takeways (to the Colts 3 turnovers, which pretty much spells ugly game). But when your team has lived off takeaways the whole season, it almost seems fitting that is how they lose also.



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