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I support Kevin Costner February 14, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Movies.

Why is this man hated so much? He is the butt of many, many jokes, and I don’t totally see why. True, he has made a couple stinkers (The Postman is a glaring boo-boo on his resume, and it probably would have helped if he didn’t direct it) but overall, I enjoy his collection. I recently watched “The Guardian” and I really enjoyed it. It brought to light what the un-heralded Coast Guard does for our country, has intense movie moments, and an overall good storyline. True, he isn’t the most emotional actor, but he is careful in choosing movies that don’t ask that of him. He knows his limits. And I don’t care what anybody says, “Waterworld” was an enjoyable movie. And lets not forget he directed and starred in one of the most important movies about the United State’s past, “Dances with Wolves.” If you didn’t like that movie, then something is just wrong with you.



1. curiousgIII - February 17, 2007

-bull durham and field of dreams are both at the top of my list

2. jaxxduece - February 22, 2007

See!! He has a pretty good career, but probably more devastating movies than any other actor. Oh well…

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