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Sports musings March 31, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Sports.
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Couple things happened recently and I just wanted to put my two cents in:

First off, the Schaub deal. Atlanta traded Matt Schaub to the Texans for two 2nd round draft picks. I dont think either team is really going to benefit from this deal.  The Texans believe for some reason that David Carr was the problem when he wasnt really even a factor in their misery. True, he is not very good, but then again, the whole isnt very good. The defense is coming together, slowly albeit, but they are a team that is building towards the future. Schaub could turn out to be very good, but in the offense, especially with that horrid O-line, doesnt really stand a chance. Atlanta signed Redman, who played for Petrino, to back up Vick. Vick is in the waning years of his career, and tends to take a lot of hits when he is scampering all over the field. And nothing against Vick, but if Schaub had the chance to start there full time, Atlanta might have even become a factor in the playoff race. Texans will need those two picks to develop and Atlanta will need a decent backup.

Second, Jaws coming to MNF. Hellz ya!! I am a big fan of Ron Jaworski: the man just knows his stuff. I am glad ESPN ditched Thiesman over Kornhieser.  Tony is very knowledgeable and even has a personality, which is very rare in sports broadcasting nowadays. Tirico is a good play-by-play man, and hard to imagine Jaws and Korn-hole not clicking. MNF just got better.

Third, the NFL making instant replay permanent. I am very wishy-washy on instant replay. It does seem to help on key situations, but I think it takes some of the human element out the game. The refs still make bad calls, that cant be overturned, and even with replay, they tend to make the wrong call. Maybe if they invest more money in the equipment, which they are supposed to do, the it will get better. Only time will tell.

Fourth, Briggs-Chicago-Washington. First off, Briggs is being a damn baby. Deal with the tag, every other player does. Its a part of the game, and the NFLPA agreed to it, so should you. Secondly, no way will Chicago send Briggs to Washington even if the deal is super sweet. Most teams dont even want to move up in the draft, due to money concerns and/or lack of talent in the first round. Also, it would empower future players who have a gripe. Just don’t see it happening. I guess it will be up to Briggs on what happens next.


Washington March 19, 2007

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Love this video, enjoy…

Great movies March 19, 2007

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First off, 300 is incredible. The music, the visual story-telling will blow your ass wide open (Dont be surprised if Zack Snyder ends of being one of the premiere directors of his time). Seen it twice in the theater, and more than likely, there will be a 3rd time. It was a fun, kick-ass action rockfest that at the core, reminds us just how doughy and lame modern men are. Felt like a big ol’ biotch when I left, but I did feel like I wanted to change also.

Stranger than Fiction was probably one of the most underrated movies of last fall. Will Ferrel is just great, along with the rest of the cast. It was an original story, with great characters, and Marc Forster (director) did a fantastic job of bringing it to the screen. Harold Crick is a loveable lead who you just want the best for, and who is such a good guy, and you (the viewer) were going to feel pained if/when he dies. Great movie, feel-good movie of the past five years.

Dont want to talk to much about this one, because it just wouldnt be fair to the people who havent seen it yet, but The Prestige is one of the greatest who-dunnits in a long time. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale (awesome, awesome actor) bring to life a story of two rival magicians with a very raw past. And they will stop at nothing to know each other’s secrets and to be the best showman out there, no matter who gets hurt. A great story that leave you wondering until the very end and then you go, “Holy shit…”. Christopher Nolan does it again, and dont imagine he will be stopping anytime soon.

I feel very fortunate to be in a time that seems to be ushering in all sorts of great filmmakers. You got the ones who can do awesome action movies (Sam Raimi, Bryan Singer, Zack Snyder), dramas (Wes Anderson, Marc Forster, Cameron Crowe) and the ones that can do it all (Christopher Nolan, David Fincher). And lets not forget the comedies, of course (Todd Phillips).

Catchup… March 19, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Kidney.
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Been awhile since Ive posted anything, and to tell the truth, been awhile since Ive done much of anything. As you may or may not know, no longer donating my kidney, at least, not for now. Shaun received one from a cadaver, little did anyone know that he was still on the donor list. Good news is that it is going great: seems the kidney is taking, and he is recovering very well.

It threw me off a little bit, which I feel some what guilty even talking about, after everything Shaun has gone through. Spent so much time preparing for it, and then it not happening, is a bit of a mind-fuck. Went into some wierd depression after, which I have a hard time explaining, but I didnt want to talk to anybody or do anything. I guess I didnt want to have to explain over and over why it didnt happen after all the hoopla going into it. Time to start looking at the bright side as if this was just maybe not meant to be, and I still got my kidneys (and they are all mine, fuck if somebody else wanted them).