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Catchup… March 19, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Kidney.

Been awhile since Ive posted anything, and to tell the truth, been awhile since Ive done much of anything. As you may or may not know, no longer donating my kidney, at least, not for now. Shaun received one from a cadaver, little did anyone know that he was still on the donor list. Good news is that it is going great: seems the kidney is taking, and he is recovering very well.

It threw me off a little bit, which I feel some what guilty even talking about, after everything Shaun has gone through. Spent so much time preparing for it, and then it not happening, is a bit of a mind-fuck. Went into some wierd depression after, which I have a hard time explaining, but I didnt want to talk to anybody or do anything. I guess I didnt want to have to explain over and over why it didnt happen after all the hoopla going into it. Time to start looking at the bright side as if this was just maybe not meant to be, and I still got my kidneys (and they are all mine, fuck if somebody else wanted them).



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