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Pat Robertson will be dining with the devil January 4, 2007

Posted by jaxxduece in Ramblings.
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I dont know if this is ground-breaking news or anything, but I imagine most of these evangelical-types are fast-trackers for the place they condemn on a minutely-basis: hell. The reason I think Mr. Robertson is leading way is because he fancies himself a doomsdayer. Im not sure if the 700 club is losing some of its viewers, (and Im sure they are due to old age) but Mr. Robertson has come out with his biggest prediction yet: God told him that a terrorist attack on U.S. soil would kill millions in late 2007. Real edgy, Mr. Robertson.

Why would God waste his precious time on telling this husk of holy man this information? Is there absolutely nobody better to tell, like the Secretary of Defense or anybody with an actual smidge of credibility? The only demographic that might listen to this is the bingo-parlor widower who actually still watches the 700 Club.

And, God-forbid, if this does happen, does he plan on bragging about how he knew just after millions got killed? I guess if this happens we will have a lot more to worry about than some nostradamus-wannabe.Pat Robertson picutre courtesy of CNN

So much head in such a little box.